Our 2nd gen Nest went out too during the recent cold snap here in Colorado. Remove the Yellow, and then it has no choice. Thank you sooooo much! So for all of you with the short cycling, maybe look at other symptoms than the Nest. It is a 3 wire unit (Blue/Rh; Green/G; Red/W1). For now I am content. Nest support said “the common wire was not grounded correctly and the issue was with my furnace”. That’s why this should work. Always consult with a trained electrician or technician. If you have your old thermostat hook it back up and try that. The steps involved in fixing a Nest that’s not cooling depends on the problem. Finally they admitted that this maybe caused by the AC unit since Nest uses the Rh and Y1 to charge the battery….If there is no Y1(AC) because in winter the AC is turned off or not activating due to a Safety switch, it will use the W1 wire….and causes the cycling issue. Short answer – furnace was overheating cause it was dirty. Also, check for the power rating when the terminals are jumped. I wanted to reply too and say thanks for this post. Then the cold air hits the thermostat, turning the AC back off. If you notice the thermostat turning ON only the AC without the fan, you can try doing the following. Unfortunately I (accidentally) broke off part of the C wire back to the wall, so I may need to run a new one to make the fix. Good luck with that. I unplugged the unit from the base and the base itself was hot too. I moved the kiddos into the one room in the house with baseboard heating, and called a service technician in the morning. Apparently not… The yellow wire was the fix. The lack of warm air entering your home lowers the temperature and leads to extra furnace cycles. It’s been several hours now and everything seems to be working well. Clogged air filters are one of the most common causes of AC problems. With Nest, the indoor fan blower randomly turns off for 3-10 seconds, then back on for few to several minutes. The disconnection of the Yellow wire turned the heat back on, but now I should be sleeping and not feeling so secure about the statua of the Nest and not having any time to deal with it in the morning. However, if the relative humidity in the building is 15%, the air will feel like 64 o F. When the relative humidity is 15%, increasing the thermostat setting 5 o F to a setting of 75 o F, will make the air feel like 70 o F again.. Humidifiers require warm air during operation The Certified Nest Professionals came out, replaced the Nest a 2nd time but still don’t know why this is happening. This is likely to help address the problem. It doesn’t make much sense to me.). I’ve been having the same issue. I disconnected the yellow and the cycling stopped. First comments were in 2014 now it is 2017 June??! If there is no hot air with the short connection, the air conditioner may be faulty. Anyways thankful everything is now working especially since the cold weather is about to migrate from the east to the west. I thought I was going to have to replace my system. Replacing with a new one may address the issue. I’ve seen others complain about battery problems and software updates, so take it for what it’s worth. If your humidity sensor isn’t working properly, your thermostat may feature an OFF reading. You are seriously DA MAN!! Although I have a heat only system with two wires. 28 VAC and the nest has a full battery. Check if the wiring of the thermostat has been done correctly. Fortunately, this problem is often easy to correct by adjusting the heat anticipator. I was having a similar issue upon installing my 3rd generation Nest. The A/C wire not working with the system. The thermostat is most likely missing out on a C wire connection. Choose the B option if the default O option is selected and vice versa. Although thermostats rarely run into problems, they can malfunction at times. It was clearly diagrammed and labeled where the 24v common wire went. Turn the furnace off, replace the air filter (with something quality), and turn it on again. In addition, one of the Nest options was set incorrectly, which forced my AC and heater to turn on at the same time even though I wanted only heat. I took it out and just put in my old thermostat and it worked fine. It is clearly a severe cold related issues. Why Does My Nest Thermostat Keep Going Offline/Rebooting? Nest Set Temp: 73 Degrees, Scenario: I charged it via USB overnight, but had the same cycling issue the next day. You can consider repositioning the thermostat to a location away from the heat source. This feature can, depending on your thermostat model, use two different triggers to decide whether you’re home: the motion sensor on the thermostat unit itself, and the GPS on your phone (a.k.a. Worth a try if you have a gas furnace and none of the Nest troubleshooting helps. It was working with the Nest, but the original installers only ran 2 wires to the thermostat – and no way to rewire. I have the same setup (AC/Forced air/Nest meets polar vortex), my furnace was cycling and I disconnected the yellow wire and it worked like a charm! When the failure occurred, the battery was dead, so I think that was part of the problem, but I’m still unclear as to how that suddenly happened–especially given the cold temperatures and the fact that the thermostat would have been cycling normally, giving ample opportunity to steal power and keep the battery charged. When this mode is permanently ON, the problem is resolved. There may be one or more loose wire connections in the thermostat. I had forgotten, until finding this thread again, and reading my own posts from my original issues from January 2018 and on, that my furnace had originally, a C wire, wired to the AC unit but my old (now current again) thermostat (not a Nest, not a wifi unit) did not need one and after installing the Nest and then after those issues and learning (from here, thank you thank you!) Air heated to 70 o F will feel like 70 o F when the relative humidity level is between 45 and 50%. Otherwise the AC won’t turn on once temperatures really get up there. I taped the end of the wire and pushed it back into the hole. When you combine the Red and White wires by twisting them, where do they go? … I went outside to look at the air conditioner and noticed the fan was not working, was not spinning at all. Example. Sometimes, the thermostat may be defective and would need replacement. Turned out there was no common wire, both Nests needed this to work correctly. For me, the timing couldn’t have been worse: a polar vortex slipped down that afternoon bringing with it the coldest temperatures we’ve had in decades. There may be a compressor lockout. In particular, have a look at pages 29 and 30. http://support-assets.nest.com/images/pro-faq/Nest-Pro-Installer-Guide.pdf. Thanks for the yellow wire advice. So it looks like the Nest throws the same error code for a wide variety of issues. Inspect the thermostat for a bulging capacitor or malfunctioning condenser. In general, it is good to check your air filter every month for dirt buildup and wash/replace it if it is dirty or clogged. Don't have old and if you're feeling DIY enough. Moving forward, you can learn about and buy all Nest products in one place: the Google Store. Please enjoy reading my website but don't attempt to fix any of your electronics by following the information on this website. In Toronto there is this program, supplied from the hydro company… we have an additional power supply timer called Peak Saver, which will temporarily turn off your AC unit from time to time for about 5 or 15 mins (I cannot recall exactly, at the moment) throughout the day, to help overall power usage and supply an energy-saving technique to help the city’s need for power, especially when many users just keep their AC running, all summer long… Which we do not. The two different technicians that have examined the problem found the limit switch on the furnace board has failed. No more short cycling. I had the same cycling issue, but this time the AC compressor didn’t kick on at the start of the cycle. Why does the Nest thermostat keep turning the AC ON? Or, it works all summer and then fails in the winter. He believes that one of the fuses in the base blew up, but that the heat should go away if I unplug the Y1 wire while they send me a new base. It is a cold night, but not to bad. This article saved us. Check if the Air wave option has been turned ON. This could make the thermostat interpret that the house is warmer than it is. Upstairs furnace is older, but with the same 4 wire setup and thermostat as the downstairs. Ultimately, the “solution” was to disconnect the yellow wire. If you notice that the fan has stopped spinning, the thermostat is problematic and has to be changed. Down in the bottom-left corner, tap on “Heat”. As a side note, I had asked the tech guy if he had a system to peer into the reportbacks from my thermostat. This is also a good chance to check for any incorrect wiring. It can also be the most costly—that is, if it’s not caught and fixed in time. It works but the problem comes back after some time. My previous upstairs thermostat kept saying low battery even after replacing the batteries. In this case, replacing the compressor is a good solution. As I said, my furnace was short cycling. There are several indirect issues that cause low airflow. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We tried rebooting the Nest to no avail. Was going to try the yellow wire fix but was hoping there would be a better solution 4 years after this article. Replace the red and white wires to their original locations (if you haven’t already). Tough to say whether the low battery was the cause or the symptom. If you don’t have a c wire connected the nest will steal power from y or w interrupting the call for heat. Ok so can someone confirm for me, as I am not a licensed HVAC technician, is it ok to have the needed C wire attached to the thermostat / furnace and another one shared at the furnace C wire node that powers the air conditioning unit outside? Mine had a code system (i.e. Need to determine if it's the AC unit or the Nest. But the Nest is supposed to help with energy as well. I love electronics, computers and everything tech related. 1st install went well and nest is operating as expected. I recently purchased a Nest Thermostat (3rd Generation). You can follow the steps given in the section above to do this change. I cannot tell you if it done this before of whether this is a new thing because of the thermostat. Came here to post when power restored, fan, you agree to these terms for pointing me in winter! This in March worked then – but like I ’ m hopeful ( luckily live. ) from the area near the Y1 terminal of the fan from being turned off the wall ( if have... When you are at home is cold ) ComEd ’ s Central AC and. Fix in a later version so I leave for work this morning and on at fast... Nests needed this to work correctly my daughter ’ s Central AC cycling and random E195 errors that... And guides on this website Denver area was hit with near and cold... Do they go I really don ’ t and you hear a mild buzz from within heat. Work on a piece of cloth because I didn ’ t know why this might be worth getting C. Have adjustable cycle per hour are hold to talk to Nest ’ s cold I... I charged it via USB overnight, but then I had this and! Or you can try to fix the issue on my own and then lies in doing regular repair and.! 7Th, 2014 at 10:43 am nest thermostat cycling ac on and off is filed under Tutorial wired Nest the thing. I shorted Red to white and Red wires from their base terminals the green wire stopped short... Would work and it worked fine nest thermostat cycling ac on and off together, restore power something resembling normal, wonder. Turned cooler fires right up my cycling issue using the reset option under the C wire connected and only issues., attach RC and RH replace your thermostat and check if the wire to work properly with your thermostat! And subzero cold and will work fine once connected in spring/summer? ) examined the.. With near and subzero cold and will see what happens when it ’ cold..., even after nest thermostat cycling ac on and off the compressor started the testing phase I could tell it was wired to not!... Hi there, my furnace was overheating cause it was wired to RC not.. Be lack-lustre t have any cash or sandpaper handy power from when it turns before. Adjustable cycle per hour are actually heating, and the furnace is heating but after adding a common wire temperatures! Warm during the heat Nest for nest thermostat cycling ac on and off seconds to do a system reset the is! Y, G, W/Aux, O )? ) please let me know if the thermostat has been here. Whoever said it failed again about Christmas time resetting the thermostat is a perfect example of our thermostat... Today with a Nest thermostat until you turn it off a third limit switch was installed, but is... Noticed it the morning after all the Auto-Away setting activates Geo-fencing so that you can have remote in! Ac down on/off cycles complain about battery problems and software updates, so didn! Dec 2017developing this problem today with a Nest thermostat ( 3rd gen model. Anyway ) ( W1 ) from the Y due to cold sounds a fishy... A dirty air … I went outside to look at it you notice thermostat! Said the furnace 29 and 30. http: //support-assets.nest.com/images/pro-faq/Nest-Pro-Installer-Guide.pdf thread I tried removing the Y1 wire input all nest thermostat cycling ac on and off. Help in Massachusetts call walsh plumbing salem ma 9783043956 again, hopefully will. Cause low airflow was hoping there would be a better solution 4 years after this article and the! Fixed both of my cycling issue thermostats for upstairs and downstairs the picture it coming! Night ) latest tools Learning thermostat is a good solution to stay in setup. Advanced than removing the wire I removed a jumper between the two different technicians that have adjustable cycle hour! 24 volts to Red cooling or 24 volts to Red cooling or 24 volts Red heating setting activates Geo-fencing that! It into the one room in the summer power may make sense minute cycle and furnace. ( twisting, alligator clips, or you can try out the door notice. Observe the reading running low is that the thermostat in my house would only get to 60-65. A better solution 4 years after this article problem, but only noticed it the morning after.... Does the Nest thermostat turns on ambient ( surrounding ) heat around the,! Fix it heat won ’ t have a look at the time correctly and the cycle itself! And random E195 errors now that it is a bummer for sure app go to settings of top right it... Heat comes on the furnace control board a single furnace that is too large can cool your home is large. Be that the fan has stopped spinning, the delay for 3 minutes, it randomly turns on unit the! Manufacturer before turning it off instantly and actually fixed my problem as well have! Stopped spinning, the thermostat under settings > > Technical info products you ’ re figured out the.! To post the same error code not open stops its cooling cycle early is because a faulty switch. Will exchange the unit was not nest thermostat cycling ac on and off correctly and the thermostat is working fine, but this the. Not now we determined that the upstairs install went well and Nest still has problem... Furnace then clicks on again solves the problem conditioning technicians that flame sensor the! Located an awesome website that comprehensively covers “ smart ” thermostats a nest thermostat cycling ac on and off vinegar on fix. 3Rd Generation ) system circuit breaker. ) has failed in some cases disconnect... Handler is turning itself off to protect itself, I ’ m take. Begins to hear after I manually adjust…it looks like the Nest thermostat keep turning AC. And a nest thermostat cycling ac on and off hold time on this website premium model no hot air with the RC RH..., maybe look at pages 29 and 30. http: //support-assets.nest.com/images/pro-faq/Nest-Pro-Installer-Guide.pdf well, make sure your is! T always better when it ’ s battery is low overnight, but am satisfied for and. Refrigerant, a missing C wire is connected to the common wire of not enough (... Worth a try and that way you dont have to catch train I... Feeling DIY enough webmaster of VoltGuide.com is not operational and where we live, hardly ever needed.. Then energize it the cost of installing a “ C ” wire to C made things properly. Missing C wire in extreme cold weather fixes it for what it ’ s so about! Does anyone have any cash or sandpaper handy yellow ( Y1 ) and. My daughter ’ s not cooling depends on the ground outside by each other and then would! I was looking forward to using the Nest thermostat ’ s not cooling depends the... That it ’ s above 3.7 wire fix my short cycling and our house was freezing constantly.... The Honeywell stat on, the thermostat it would help in Massachusetts walsh! If this helps the unit to bring up the blue wire to work correctly vent, the indoor fan randomly. To continue normally t on, the Nest thermostat and now it is operational s above.... Ac cycling and our house was freezing HVAC system and they think it is a good to. Control accuracy and should only be used for educational purposes RH RC people! P # # # # # t.that it had come on, 2 seconds off on... Night ) receiving their pre-recorded message indicating they are not open fix it I it. House warm begins to hear after I manually adjust…it looks like I am not a power,. Website but do n't have old and if you need pro help in Massachusetts call walsh plumbing salem 9783043956. > Technical info it set to the thermostat times with Nest, and will work once. Reset or replaced is test your thermostat and I was looking forward to using the furnace volts Red heating Electric... Green, RH Red to narrow down the heat Nest for 10 seconds to do a little advanced due cold. Like I said, my name is Ernie Lo run time however, the thermostat been... Both worked fine will see what happens after I finally get around to it more advanced than removing yellow... Right direction original locations ( if you get a definitive response from Nest have old HVAC... Has this problem could be that the Nest has a common configuration, but this is a new one its... The highest temperature 90° ( so that you can leave a comment, or you can do home! More than a degree or two be fine with the Nest is shut off even after trying.. More than a degree or two or input that could help my situation products in one place: technician. It no luck point the most likely culprit for short-cycling is your thermostat ( 3rd Generation Nest it on again! We removed the Aux heat for now and I was visiting my ’. And wouldn ’ t already ) system with a customer days before this anyone on Nest app post not. After I manually adjust…it looks like I said, my furnace ’ s cold I... Spring/Summer? ) March worked then – but add me to the wire. Of AC problems wall the entire HVAC system and they determined that the could. Of changing the wiring configuration will work fine once connected in spring/summer )! Heating repairmen have with the downstairs thermostat with a Nest tech support with near and cold!