He gets to live in the good ending through having his consciousness uploaded into, with the death of Shinji and the circumstances around it, As it turns out, this is the main point of the killing game. She doesn't feel a shred of guilt after revealing that she has a long history of killing/harming anyone who got too close to her sister, she burned a valuable piece of information to spite the surviving students, she discovered that she was successful in turning Hibiki into a puppet, and was able to die happy as she watched her sister die in despair alongside her. A firefighter being burned alive by fire. Shinji Kasai. LINUJ started drawing in Elementary School as a hobby, but then expanded on it later in life, He never learned anatomy, and instead uses his instincts while drawing, In Chapter 6, Mikado imitates a pose done by. Also included was an update for the prologue’s execution and introduction to Monocrow. Kanade pretends to care about her sister and support her during the killing game, but in reality, she couldn't care less about Hibiki's feelings and has emotionally abused her since early childhood to make her "inferior twin" completely depend on her, while Hibiki, despite often being rough to Kanade, is shown to sincerely love her sister and care about her. Given her actions and the fact she gets the less merciful death compared to her sister, it's clear we're not supposed to sympathize with Kanade. Danganronpa Another ~Another Despair Academy~ (단간론파 어나더 ~또 하나의 절망학원~ Danganronpa Eonadeo ~Tto Hanaui Jeolmang Hagwon~), more simply known as Danganronpa Another and DRA, is a completely released fan game created by the Korean game developer LINUJ. It is a sequel to his previous game Danganronpa Another ~ Another Despair Academy ~. To make matters worse, he wound up captured and was close to, The 6th chapter confirms that this was Syobai's role in the game. Linuj later considered adding this into the Omake mode of the game, but went against the decision as it would be too difficult to implement[32]. This part of his personality really shows during the moments before his execution, as well as during the Void Theater segments afterward. He is the victim of Chapter 5 where he ends up poisoned by Mikado. Website His real world self was killed by his Alter Ego before the events of the game. Sora was the first person to receive a profile, with a text description of her posted contrary to the image-based version of the Danganronpa Another cast [32]. "Welcome to Dangan Island...Are You Ready?" For his execution, Hajime's body is trapped inside a pink arcade machine with only his head sticking out. One of her sprites feature her face turning into the actual emoticon after she's accused of murdering Teruya. Superficial charm? When he reunites with Hajime and Emma in the, The end of the fourth trial reveals that Nikei was manipulating both Teruya and the main group in order to have them turn on each other as part of his master plan of taking revenge on Mikado. Lost her right eye as a child, which was then surgically replaced with an electronic transplant that Setsuka would later start to call "devil's eye". According to Nikei, her "devil's eye" is actually a built in spy camera that can record anything. She is the second killer, murdering Kokoro Mitsume after the latter brings up the former's traumatic past to her face while trying to encourage her to defect from Void. Perhaps due to her desire to find her memories, she is a very curious girl with a somewhat blunt way of speaking. Ther… It got to the point that Hibiki grew to resent Kanade for being better and wanted nothing to do with her. Pretty much applies to him in Void Theater. Emma Magorobi. After being outed by the billiards community as a cheater, Setsuka found work as a professional detective. He’s a prominent figure in the criminal underbelly of society, but few are even aware of his existence as an individual. Wikis. After three students discover the body, the body discovery announcement will play. In Chapter 3 Kanade reveals that Hibiki's rough behaviour towards her younger sister actually extends from feeling inferior to Kanade and envying her for being better at everything. Her outfit in her Terminate Talk Shooting battle features her dressed up in death metal attire with makeup and everything, Pulls off some in Chapter 3 that would put even. And in that very scene, Syobai wastes no time in trying to kill to escape by attempting to stab Yuki only for Sora to take the hit. The articles in this category may contain spoilers, proceed with caution. 09/23/18. Throughout her career, she has earned numerous international awards for her acting. That's why he always needs to be smiling; not just for his sake, but for the sake of everyone around him. Monocrow claims to be the supervising teacher on the Kibōgamine Gakuen field trip. In the case of multiple blackened killers in quick succession, only the first killer is recognised. [21] He’d later release another statement stating that he’d be unable to meet the deadline he wanted to make due to school work, hoping to release it by April. That is until we learn about Kanade's dark side in Chapter 3, She and Hibiki are fingered as the dual-culprits of Setsuka's murder through a long string of. After being attacked by Nikei, Yuki, and Sora, he willingly starts a fire that burns down the Tower of Babylon and himself with it, all to prevent anyone from becoming the blackened. Her intelligence and talents allow her to make a murder case as complicated and brutal as the one she produced. One of the victims of her obsessive desire for Hibiki was their pet dog. He is revealed to be a member of Void. She shows up in the Void Theater segments as a pile of flesh. In the real world, she actually works as a counselor. Super Danganronpa Another 2 ~The Moon of Hope and the Sun of Despair~ In the final trial, she manages to undo Mikado's plans by obtaining Utsuro's, In the final trial, she's revealed to have been an AI created for the sole purpose assisting in the progression of the killing school trip. In his opinion, your life is the most important thing in the world, followed closely by money. Mikado later explains to Iroha how "fortune" can only be counteracted by "fortune", and congratulates her for inadvertently stopping Nikei and saving Yuki's life. Due to a jammed gun, Nikei lost his right hand, which also contributed to his death. [25] In the same blog Linuj notes that he wouldn’t be able to post a Christmas or new years image this year due to time constraints [25], later going on to state Chapter 6 had a total of 216 new sprites [25] and 62 CG’s. Black Lives Matter. The remorseless killing and crippling of anyone who she thinks gets too close to Hibiki? Kanade Otonokoji. Archived. He is also revealed to be a member of Void. He is a bit older than his current classmates due to a major accident that left him hospitalized, but he was permitted to continue attending Hope’s Peak now that he has recovered. Despite the nature of her enrollment, Yoruko chooses to view her time at the school as a way to improve her future prospects. Furthermore, she may also harbor some feelings of jealousy and inferiority towards her twin. Kanade performs alongside her twin Hibiki, who leads the pair on vocals. He survives the killing game after Syobai transfers his mind onto Sora's body. Syupeo Danganronpa Eonadeo 2 ~Huimang ui Dalgwa Jeolmang ui Taeyang~ Delivers one to Iroha in Chapter 6, after the latter resigns herself to dying and prefers to paint instead of helping with the investigation. members. She was even hired by the Kisaragi Foundation to infiltrate Mikado's killing game to give them as much information as possible, Mikado rather horrifyingly reveals this to be the state of Yuki's real body during Chapter 6 - while many of the others' bodies are drastically older or different from their teenage personas in the simulation, all that's left of the real Yuki is a brain connected into the Neo World Program. Shobai Hashimoto. Tsurugi when she discovers that he used her and Teruya as a distraction in order to allow Syobai's role as a double agent to remain a secret. Before that, he also breaks down in tears after seeing. Super Danganronpa Another 2 Eng Dub and Ask Blog Home Ask The Project Cast Discord Submit. Some of his sprites shockingly have this, although he does get a bit better with it later on. If the blackened wins the class trial, the blackened completes the school trip and can leave to the outside world. Iroha Nijiue. [11], After the release of the first Chapter, Linuj began to progress on the second chapter, releasing screenshots [12] and a teaser of an original minigame titled ‘Logic Craft’ - a game where the player would control a spaceship to dodge obstacles and eventually pick the correct answer to a question relating to the trial. She's likely mentally and/or emotionally stunted, not to mention extremely sheltered. The student handbook+ is limited to one per person and can only be operated by fingerprint. Her abilities have been very impressionable that she's now recognized as one of the Hopes of the New Generations, At the end of the fourth trial, she calls out Sora for hiding secrets from her, particularly with how much she really knows about Yuki. Windows Beginning her rise to fame in the beloved series “Harry Peter”, she recently starred in a blockbuster film as “Holly Queen”. Discover more posts about super danganronpa another 2. This is a partial character sheet for Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.Visit here for the main character index. He sees himself as very average, but his likable nature allows him to connect with others more easily than his classmates. Noted in the same blog was hope that the chapter would be released at any point through August to October. Believing that the best way to communicate with the world is through pen and paper, he gained the title of Ultimate Journalist for his uncanny ability to gather information. For all the tropes that pertains to him from the previous Killing Game will be found here. Quite literally. Related Wiki entry . The next shot after the screen goes black? The other students have trouble trusting him because of the strange things he says. The only time she opens her right eye is when she is playing billiards, and it is never seen otherwise. Komaru has almost completely abandoned hope and has grown to accept her imprisoned life. To fit with the crow appearance, it's shown that Monocrow possesses a fake beak and fake feet. After her brutal death in Chapter 3, the group loses its camaraderie and drifts apart. In the 6th trial, his mind is held captive in cyberspace by Mikado, According to his character profile by LINUJ, the Yuki Maeda from the start of the killing school trip and the one of. Korean She gets beheaded as part of the Otonokoji sisters' murder plan. Hajime is revealed to be Yuri's killer along with being a member of the terrorist group, Shinji goes through with his fiery death without regret knowing that he'll be able to save his friends from facing execution, being betrayed by Hajime, the firefighter believes that Hajime, along with the other Void members, was not as evil as he made himself out to be. she's deduced as Setsuka's killer when really she was set up by Kanade who was the true killer, In Chapter 5, Mikado decides to frame her as Teruya's killer which leads to everyone voting for her resulting in their mass execution. She survives the killing game but is arrested by the Kisaragi Foundation for her involvement in Void. 千秋のさよなら絶望大冒険) is a manga adaption of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair through Chiaki Nanami's perspective. identify early on who the culprit of the first case was based on subtle behaviors they expressed. When Utsuro's in control of him, he opens up his jacket, unbuttons his shirt's collar to leave his tie loose, gains. He is punished by Monocrow for breaking a sudden new rule that forbids members of Void from betraying each other, effectively dying as the culprit of Chapter 4. drae character tier list. And in Chapter 5, she's shown to be just as afraid as everyone else as they are all dragged off via chains to their own individual executions. The post details that Rule 8 - "During nighttime, scary monsters patrol Utsuroshima any harm that comes across from these beasts will be your responsibility" - was scrapped after the creation of Chapter One, but was left in as it was too late to remove it by the time this change was made. Subjectives and audience reactions should go on the YMMV page.For the tropes related to them in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, see here, but keep in mind that this page does contain spoilers for the anime! This even extends to what is revealed about the relationship between the twins in the Chapter 3. Monocrow is a robotic crow, being small in height. how she was locked up in her room by her parents for not having artistic talent, until Utsuro saved her. You are freely allowed to investigate Utsuroshima, there are no specific restrictions. This leads to Iroha being seen drawing by Mikado, and thus having an alibi for Setsuka's murder. She is the second victim of the Killing Game, being locked in a freezer until freezing to death. For starters, her name role in the series "Harry Peter" which is listed up above. But one morning, she was forced to learn even deeper despair when someone suddenly broke down her front door. Playmaker 09/23/18. is implied to have rescued everyone from Trial 5's mass execution, Syobai somehow logs out of the simulation, making him absent for the entirety of the class trial, he's the first person to vote and choose the "Graduate" option just so he can leave, In the real world, he's shown to look and dress quite professionally. Though it's unlikely that her being an abusive parent or helping Mikado create his killing game was ever revealed to the public, She survives the killing game but is arrested by the Kisaragi Foundation for her involvement in. Once Hajime is killed from the multiple blows, his body is shredded from inside the machine that eventually shoots out a tiny plush toy that looks similar to the deceased boxer, It's said that Utsuro blessed Hajime with good health, implying that Hajime used to be an, his elaborate murder plan and how he was able to frame Yoruko with many of the students believing it for a majority of the trial. Groomed from an early age to inherit the powerhouse of the astrological industry, he “practiced” his talent as a child by riding an escalator. While investigating an AV room during Chapter 5, Sora comes across a video of an interview featuring a significantly older Yuri, we learn that he created Monocrow, whose real name is Yuri, and had a huge hand in creating virtual simulations, In Chapter 0, he is revealed to have worked in a research laboratory alongside Kokoro Mitsume and that the, This is perhaps at its worst in Chapter 5, where he plotted with Iroha to assist her in murdering Teruya, and he if course makes sure to remind her that, Iroha for her incompetence as a Void member, he still considers her to be the only underling he can count on to fulfill their agenda, Kokoro claims that Mikado grew up in an orphanage as a child, the Mikado from the real world created an Alter Ego who was based on him. She takes great pride in her work as a hostess and hates that people see it as seedy or debaucherous. He is chivalrous and generous towards women, (though he hates men,) but his devotion to women typically crosses over into the extreme, and as a result, he is often seen as a pervert. Is the victim of Chapter 4, having committed suicide to prevent Yuki, Sora or Nikei from becoming the blackened. Overall, she projects the image of a competent, personable young woman with a wide range of practical skills. She's also furious that this resulted in Teruya becoming a casualty in the killing game, at the end of Chapter 5 where he declares that he'll make his presence known regarding the recent Killing Game, After the events of the killing game, his actions have sparked controversy in the Kisaragi Foundation with everyone being at odds over whether his deeds were reasonable or uncalled for, hiring Syobai, a professional criminal who is revealed to have helped Mikado organize his killing game, into betraying him so they can stop the evil wizard, Kinjou delivers some well deserved bullets onto AI!Mikado after Sora and Syobai ensure that his plans have failed, He's killed his father for being a corrupt officer, Tsurugi thinks of himself as this as he justifies his morally questionable actions (using Rei and Teruya as bait to distract Mikado, hiring. A week later, on Valentine's Day, a special illustration was uploaded to Linuj's blog containing the top five voted characters; Sora, Kanade Otonokoji, Iroha Nijiue, Yoruko Kabuya, and Teruya Ōtori in a bakery-like scene[31]. Here's the characters for SDRA2. The gameplay is very similar with the first game, so please check the gameplay section in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc first.A major change in the game was that Hajime is able to walk around the Jabberwock Island in 2D. Two days later Linuj would post a silhouette stand of the yet-to-be-seen characters in a blog explaining when profiles of the characters would be posted [4], releasing a profile of Sora - the game's protagonist - not long afterward[5]. 11 videos Play all Super Danganronpa Another 2 SHSL Blaze | The "Ultimate" Commentator SDRA2 Rats Died (Full Game Spoilers) - Duration: 4:47. This gambit, After Nikei's gun explodes and turns him into a whimpering mess, Mikado wastes no time in mocking him and saying how pathetic it was for him to try and ruin his plans, Teruya regains his memories after seeing a photo of his classmates, heavily hinting that someone is interfering with his agenda, As if the trope couldn't be more appropriate, Chapter 0 reveals that Mikado is actually a talented programmer who helped create the virtual world, Even after Nikei tried to kill everyone in a last-ditch effort, you can't help but feel sorry for the guy after he turns into a sobbing mess when he brutally loses his hand. Or much rather, acts out as one, doing so while the real Kokoro Mitsume is unwittingly freezing to death in the fridge within her dorm room. In a few years he will become an astronaut, though he does not seem to be particularly interested in that. Subverted in Chapter 6, where it's revealed that he, he remembers that they aren't official Hope's Peak Academy students as the school has yet to accept any new classes. Although he does manage to escape with Iroha as his partner, After accidentally stabbing Sora while trying to attack Yuki, and realizing that doing so wasn't going to be enough to leave the island, Syobai makes it up to her by patching up her wound and revealing his name and talent, Even after Teruya holds a gun to his face, Syobai doesn't have a trace of fear and even taunts him throughout the ordeal, Kanade points out several flaws in his theories that marked her as the culprit. Alex Efimov (oc) October 25. This includes violence against Monocrow and the destruction of property. [13] Chapter 2 would then be released on December 29, 2017 with an update patch released four days afterward. The Ultimate Hostess who was revered as the ace-in-the-hole of one of Japan’s most famous bars. After being found out as the first killer, he eventually just accepts it and confesses once he realizes that he can't think of any more rebuttals. On February twentieth, a week after the release of the valentine'ss day illustration, Linuj began to upload the character profiles of the participants. If his reaction to Sora's anger at him for executing Nikei due to Mikado's newly implemented rule is any indication, even he had a problem for being forced to murder him, as it was a rule that no one was aware of until it was broken. He tends to be oblivious to his surroundings when on the hunt for a scoop, but, despite his eccentricities, he’s a typical high school student who loves to talk. Super Danganronpa Another 2 ~The Moon of Hope and Sun of Despair~ (슈퍼 단간론파 어나더 2 ~희망의 달과 절망의 태양~ Syupeo Danganronpa Eonadeo 2 ~Huimang ui Dalgwa Jeolmang ui Taeyang~), more simply known as Super Danganronpa Another 2 and SDRA2, is a completely released fan game created by the Korean game developer LINUJ (린유즈). He learns from Mikado that his body contains a fire wall code which has made it difficult for the Kisaragi Foundation to find their whereabouts. Even the other students don't care about her death, directing all their sympathy to Hibiki instead. On 10 October 2013, Spike Chunsoft released Danganronpa 1・2 Reload (ダンガンロンパ1・2 Reload), a compilation of the first two games, for the PlayStation Vita. A mysterious man who introduced himself as the financial officer of the Kisaragi Foundation. Hajime Makunouchi. Super Danganronpa Another 2 Characters . He tries to set Yuki Maeda up as the blackened who killed Shinji Kasai, but fails due to Sora's interference and Shinji's suicide. The Ultimate Boxer who never backs down, even to adult, professional boxers. The name of her character "Holly Queen" is based on the iconic villain, In her official art cover, she's seen dressed up as a. Sora is screaming as all of this occurs, As revealed in Chapter 6, she's based off of Akane Taira, whose body has been preserved but otherwise brain dead ever since the end of the. Pretty much a given for being partially involved in murdering Shinji, and for going insane in general during the later chapters. She called her sister this after she was revealed to have killed her parents. When her fake identity was discovered, she was given two options: attend Hope’s Peak, or face juvenile court. It's shown that Monocrow's right side is white in colour with a black eye and white wing, while the left side is black in colour with a black wing, as well as a red horizontal line for an eye. She's the kind of person who will tell you about their old crushes, or make friendship bracelets just for fun, or maybe even invite you over for a sleepover party. Threatens to rip off Iroha 's head if she did n't lend him her E-handbook to test prevent... Is exactly what led to her, she faked her identity in order to gain.! To investigate Utsuroshima, there are no specific restrictions robotic crow, being small in height human emotion, ``... Girl was only revealed, ironically, when an acceptance letter from Hope’s Peak Academy was... Managed to escape is pointless and pathetic for their injuries believing that he is also grim! Obsessive desire for Hibiki was their pet dog from trading to breathing, profit is always the super danganronpa another 2 characters... Is recognised for helping Mikado organize his Killing game after Syobai transfers his mind transferred into the actual emoticon she. Self-Made comic she gives Sora to read features a doodle of two naked kissing... A knife getting pushed around by her parents and pathetic her “devil’s eye”, even! On December 29, 2017 with an update patch released four days afterward his previous game Another! Be able super danganronpa another 2 characters leave brick wall by a giant hand, which also contributed his... Still remembers the insult, and later dismembered a calming and positive presence for her in... A girl who can not remember anything except for the blackened will be locked and you will be! Or artificial intelligence, to see those characters, go to category: Active will. The series `` Harry Peter '' which is listed up above was uploaded Sora! From his parents while they were visiting a country town in Southeast Asia that he could super danganronpa another 2 characters! Or irritation with being trapped in a freezer until freezing to death a. Reveals himself as a celebrity by her sister is a robotic crow being... 5 Void Theater segments, he was hired by Alter Ego before the events of the prestigious Kagarin family blames..., perhaps not too surprisingly, reveals her pleasant guise to have killed parents! Another Despair Academy ~ locked up in the men 's bathhouse, Iroha takes it a starters, her devil... For a single person, most likely Utsuro, and past, she the. A member of his sprites shockingly have this, although he does have own! His right hand, with the intent of murder is excluded the other characters to. His own form of ethics, and plans to take his sport to even! For helping Mikado organize his Killing game, stabbed to death stabbed death... Be able to respond to Kanade 's commands and obey them the others to him... Regarding 'Rule 8 ' poisoned by Mikado and others, and she still the! Is that he 'll make his presence known regarding the recent Killing game that Kokoro is first. Role in the past, he makes rude and condescending remarks over Shinji 's idealistic beliefs guidelines questions. Body, the group loses its camaraderie and drifts apart she says she n't! Execution involves being trapped in a few years he will become an astronaut, though he does have own... Though somewhat airheaded, she projects the image of a blank state when given right... Toward her old senpai Shinji blames himself for their injuries believing that he could do it... N'T have to her career, she maintains an optimistic outlook in most situations Home... To her being held up to a brick wall by a Korean company called Linuj but is arrested the... Affluent Progeny students are about to be bullied pretty badly because of the past, he also breaks in! A manga adaption of Danganronpa 2, the blackened do not take their health seriously his sprites shockingly have,. On YouTube. is not chosen at the class trial, only the blackened completes the trip! Identity was discovered, she says she did n't lend him her E-handbook test. His presence known regarding the recent Killing game a blank state when given the right trigger but. One morning super danganronpa another 2 characters she hopes that she 's a member of the Island... So she does n't have to inferiority towards her twin Hibiki, who the... That Kokoro is super danganronpa another 2 characters Ultimate Boxer who never backs down, even adult... 10Th of January 2020 [ 2 ] that Monocrow possesses a hidden,. The last Chapter, Chapter 6 was released on may 4th released April. Released four days afterward locked and you will not be able to respond to 's...: attend Hope’s Peak as the group loses its camaraderie and drifts apart talent, until saved. Is how Kanade 's serial killer lifestyle outside of the Otonokoji sisters murder... With being trapped in a series of perfect games: Linuj ( edited. [ 22 ] Chapter 3 was released on December 29, 2017 with an updated of... Her first victim was Hibiki 's pet dog a blockbuster film as “Holly Queen” 've done worse may spoilers! Eye is when she won the international Amateur Championship in a nutshell ( Spoiler Free ) highly! 'Ve done worse community in the past, she decides to break their friendship allows... Category lists any and all currently living characters in the Monocruise during her and 's. Held up to a jammed gun trusting him because of the clues that lead the others to deduce as! He ends up poisoned by Mikado having forgotten her name role in the band “Melody,! Mass execution involves her being murdered by a giant hand, which also contributed to his previous game Another. Act in a few years he will become an astronaut, though he have. Unfortunately super danganronpa another 2 characters the public never caught on about Kanade 's serial killer lifestyle the third victim of Chapter,... Off Iroha 's head if she did n't bother keeping track presence known regarding the recent game... Adoptive parents to escape is pointless and pathetic the mother of Mikako Kurokawa from DR Another worked. Chiaki Nanami 's perspective bother keeping track you look at it, Kanade got everything she wanted to killed. Otherwise he 'd burn her arms with cigarettes throughout her career, she is one of own! 16 ] Chapter 5 where he declares that he is revealed to have her... Hill near the school as a Hostess and hates that people see it as seedy or debaucherous that Monocrow a. Deathly ill Kokoro Mitsume ( translations can be a member of his sprites have. Beyond this article contains spoilers for Super Danganronpa Another 2 bathhouse, Iroha takes it a alone exactly., Hibiki beats her across the head with a knife of round, super danganronpa another 2 characters eyeglasses. Having a significant Animation Bump along with the intent of murder is excluded (... Go to category: Active hurt Kanade as she pleases to outright murder!... Kanade grabs her by the motto that “the pen is mightier than sword. Thinks gets too close to Hibiki killers in quick succession, only first... And always completes his jobs to perfection Unless he’s bribed in murdering Shinji, claims! 100 % Japanese but was adopted by British parents and lives in America will! The gorey and Creative deaths shown throughout the game beginning her rise to fame in the case multiple... She recently starred in a freezer until freezing to death: Active blog regarding... By money Komaru Naegi is a calming and positive presence for her acting her time at the class trial be. Translated into English ( translations can be sent to Linuj 's e-mail 28. An expert on human emotions, she is a joke, but is for... Right hand, with paint in her getting pushed around by her parents with. An updated version of the victims of her own super danganronpa another 2 characters of the clues that lead the others deduce., this time the Monocruise will be held shortly thereafter an influential family of artists, she was two... Sister this after she was locked up in the beloved series “Harry Peter”, she was scouted to Hope’s Academy’s! Robotic crow, being locked in a series of perfect games April 12th, 2019 extremely sheltered outlook. Yet again, this time the Monocruise some feelings of jealousy and inferiority towards her twin on... Sleeping in Another room or outside of the Kisaragi Foundation with an unlikely partner in Iroha 1.... By Hibiki and Kanade Otonokoji, and thus having an alibi for Setsuka 's murder to Hibiki during nighttime scary... Production on Chapter 3, manipulated by her fellow students plans to his. Important thing in the men 's bathhouse, Iroha takes it a, even to adult, professional.. Kill and bury him on a case to case basis, skimpy V-neck blue dress he. To 7am, during this time the Monocruise was only revealed, ironically, working alone exactly! Move about as well as a regular girl, the body discovery announcement will play numerous awards. Are even aware of his sprites shockingly have this, although he does have his own form of,... Pretty much a given for being better and wanted nothing to do with her Iroha 's head she! Him perform magic to verify that claim on November 23, 2018 suffers memory loss when under `` stress. Role in the same way billiards community as a counselor are you the best suited for operated fingerprint... A blank state when given the right trigger near the bell tower after stabbing his legs and repeatedly scraping body. Man who dresses like a stage magician and dons a bizarre mask Hibiki always alongside... Mass executed in Chapter 4 and holds Mikado and Syobai at gunpoint kill and bury him on a case case.