Hi Guys! Dance with Warg: Grants a small ASPD boost. The Dancer's main song. The cheapest slotted Mid gear, due to not requiring Spiritual Auger to be slotted. All of these skills create a 7x7 Area of Effect around the caster that follows the caster as they move until the skill is cancelled. If DEX is 90 or higher, at +7 Ranged damage +5%; at +9 Ranged damage +10%, If DEX is 90 or higher, Ranged Damage +3%, All Solo Songs will also affect the caster, When performing a Solo Song, movement speed is greatly increased. With skill level 10, Musical Lessons lv10, and 150 INT, this skill can completely eliminate Cast Delay, which makes it essential for maximising the DPS of your party members. check below. Best card for both Offensive and Defensive purposes. 3rd Job skill. Ragnarok Online: the game 40 million people play Ragnarok Online - Classes - Maestro - Skill Tree Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. Duration is reduced by the enemy's level. Make sure to keep a distance from them and kill them using Double Strafe. For example; an archer class or job in The Labyrinth of Ragnarok has four skills; Double Strafe, Arrow Shower, Improve Concentration, and Owl’s Eye. Warg Damage Bonus:[(SkillLv x 10) x Performers]%. Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. This page has been accessed 32,880 times. Ragnarok Online 2: Advent of Valkyrie Master Rogue Level 40 PvP Build. List of the key pieces of equipment recommended for said build. Also, this card does not affect Reverberation damage. In this guide we list down all the new 4th jobs for each class in Ragnarok Mobile along with their skills and abilities. However, you will not be able to make use of its offensive bonuses if you're using a Bow. Swing Dance: Helps them reach higher ASPD. However, this can be extremely expensive, as these are also highly sought for by Geneticists and various other classes. it's purely for stun immunity and increasing your Max HP. This is the most crucial stats of your job. If you prefer going with a party, you should be prepared to start taking your supportive role. If there are more than 2 Wanderer or Maestro in the party, additional 100% damage, increased by 2 times for every other Maestro/Wanderer in party. Like Chants, Choruses or Group B songs apply buffs to the party in a wide AoE, and does not stack. Great choice for Biolabs and Wolfchev's Laboratory. To unlock new skills, you will need to change the job. The best weapon for damage-dealing with Severe Rainstorm due to the cooldown reduction on top of the Ranged damage boost. It is usually only raised for increasing Weight Limit, as it has little use besides that. It requires. It adds flee and perfect dodge. You can change to class2 at job 40 but when you change at job 50. Reduces damage from Boss Monsters by -10%. You need other performer to cast this song, Bard or Dancer is fine either way, It revives target but drain it's SP. ATK +100, AGI +2, INT +2. Increases party members' resistance against elemental property attacks (excluding Neutral) by up to 80%, and their resistance to Status effects by up to 50% while they're in the AoE. This means that they can focus fully on damage, and can reach higher DPS potentials in party play compared to Maestro. Greatly increases Spiral Pierce damage. At this moment 4 people using this Ragnarok Online Skill Simulator to plan their next character build. Increases EXP and JEXP gained by party members within the AoE by up to 80%. Your bread and butter single-target skill as an Archer, which remain useful even after advancing to 2nd and 3rd job. Recommended only if you're specifically using Arrow Vulcan as your main damage skill. A must-have for any Archer, but for Performers, it's arguably not essential to have level 10. This is somewhat of a niche skill mainly used for leveling with a camping strategy. Not a fans of this skill since it push enemy back, makes the lure group scatter and ruins the equilibrium for everyone. But I’ll start with the easy to level-up build. Reduces Movement Speed penalty when casting songs, and significantly improve the effects of your Solo Songs. Note that in NovaRO the gender restriction is disabled, therefore you can wear either hat no matter what gender your character is. Assassin Cross on Sunset: Allows them to spam Flaming Petals or First Wind at a higher ASPD. After a few years playing Ragnarok, you should know nearly enough about all skills, every now and then they add new items which bring new builds to some classes, getting some classes stronger then before, etc. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/index.php?title=DualityDiscretion%27s_Maestro_and_Wanderer_Guide&oldid=30459. Increases CRIT of players within the AoE. This is the sole reason why Maestro > Wanderer and the sole reason why bard is extremely useful. Don't forget that you can always reset at Main Office if you ever need to adjust your stat to new gear or different party setups. Never use this skill. Once you're done with those, turn all of the quests in at the board. As with the Gramps quest, once you finished the kill counts, DO NOT TURN THEM IN! Gives 3% chance to drain 1% of your damage as SP. Alright so you’re finished with Peak Shards and your first Job Breakthrough. This skill is actually better than musical strike so you should use bow until you're ready to grab your guitar. Having this will allow you to use a stat build with much less base INT while still reaching 150 INT for Poem of Bragi, making it a lot easier to do an effective hybrid build. Use this skill until you got bored and decided to choose the singing path, Your fun-to-use skill. Decent choice for survivability. Gloomy Day: Only use this when they use Spiral Pierce as their main skill. The monsters here are mostly slow and very weak to Holy, which makes it easier for you to kill them. The bonuses are further enhanced at +9. This technique allows you to apply 3 or more song buffs to your party members and then return to damage dealing in an instant. Their signature chant, Moonlight Serenade, is also only useful for a handful of classes like Warlock, Sorcerer, Arch Bishop, and Ninja, which uses MATK instead of ATK. Dance with Warg: Grants Fixed Cast reduction if there are no Arch Bishops in the party. Find information on items, NPCs, monsters, furnitures, equipments, cards, MVP here on ROMCodex.com! Due to lots of mob who able to drop this weapon, you can see complete list, You can use *any* bow you want. Ragnarok Online M:Eternal Love database and resources. NOTE: Non-trans 3rd classes (including babies) are now able to use transcendent-only equipment after a recent patch. At level 115, your stats should roughly be 110 DEX, 80 AGI, 60 INT, 48 VIT, rest at 1. Best choice for increasing damage. Keep in mind that as a performer, you will need to switch weapons often, which means this whip can be a risky choice due to its HP consumption on unequip. With up to +8 INT in enchantments, this item has the highest possible INT on the headgear slot, which is very useful for Maestros. Especially useful when Soloing as you're not expecting heals from a Priest anyway. 1. For Maestros, this build gives you a base amount of 100+9 INT. Increase damage with ranged attacks by 5% and decrease SP cost of [Windmill Rush] by 10. Below is few good bow you can use for leveling, Reward for eden group's equipment quest. Unlike other songs, this is a debuff skill, and works best for assisting tanks when they are pulling a big mob. Dance with Warg: Greatly increases the damage of their Warg skills and grants a small ASPD boost. Grants MasteryATK when wearing Instrument/Whip type weapons. You can get this item very easily by doing the Rock Ridge entrance quest. A very helpful accessory for leveling. Adds 1% resistance to Neutral property attacks for each refine above +5 up to +12. When paired with Elven Arrow, Ranged damage +50%. VERY USEFUL when leveling solo. Also, once again, put all your status points into DEX. As with any other Novices, you can simply register at Criatura Academy to instantly reach Job Level 10. They are mainly a support class, having a wide variety of unique skills they can use to support their teammates and disrupt their enemies. The ultimate Ragnarok Mobile guide for Hell Gate / Asura Strike Shura build! Make sure you keep Improve Concentration active as it gives you a significant amount of DEX which adds to your damage, and AGI which helps with ASPD. Both of these starter hats are generally very good, and can last well into the end-game if you cannot afford the other options yet. Increase your max SP and SP Regeneration. However, this is very useful in helping Geneticists increase their brewing/cooking success rate. For improving effectiveness of Poem of Bragi and Services for You, as well as Reverberation damage. Their female counterpart is the Dancer class. I´ve made a guide for Priority Saint skills (4th class). Movement Speed Penalty:[(SkillLv x 2) + Floor(AGI ÷ 20) + Dance_Lessons_Lv ÷ 2]%. This makes it match Ancient Decoration of Rift in terms of having the highest possible INT with a total of +8 INT on the headgear slot, while still offering many other notable bonuses. Apple of Idun: Increases their MaxHP, helpful if they're tanking. Deals up to 1200% ranged physical damage to a single target. Defensive choice for Biolab and Wolfchev's Laboratory. “I’m slow, speed is my insecurity, that’s why I love this build.” This is one of my favorite builds so far. Casting cannot be interrupted. Enables use of Level 1 Improve Concentration. This build puts DEX and AGI at the highest priority as they directly boost the damage of Severe Rainstorm, while keeping a good distribution of the other stats. Deals up to 380% ranged physical damage to a single target. For Archers, increase resistance to Silence by 50%. Skill Type: Reunion SkillLv.5Unite with 5 teammates within 5 meters around you and share 100% of the healing and HP regen effects from the Divine Avenger to the linked friends. With Bragi, this skill easily out-damages both Arrow Shower and Double Strafe as complements to Severe Rainstorm. A Bard's most important song. If level 3 is enough, get lv 10 whistle, You can use these if you miraculously met another dancer. When cast on a target who has learned Brandish Spear, Clashing Spiral, Rapid Smiting, Shield Boomerang, or Shield Press, significantly boosts the damage of those skills, with a small chance to reduce the target's movement speed and strip their mount. Playing as a Maestro isn't that hard. Don't forget to turn on @autoloot to automatically collect the monster drops. This point in the game can be considered the PvM endgame, because you will have the ability to share EXP with level 175 characters, and you will have met the level requirements of most instances at this point. When cast on a target without those skills, applies a FLEE and ASPD penalty. Additionally the higher INT also allows for higher damage potential with Reverberation. Particularly enemies like Cecil in Biolab 3, Trentini and Alphoccio in Biolab 4, and Suffering Khalitzburg in Old Glast Heim. Max HP/SP +5%. SP Regen effect only applies if you didn't move for 10 seconds. Regenerate 35 SP per 5 second. At level 121, your best choices of Board Quests are: At level 131, your best choices for Board Quests are: At level 141, your best choices for Board Quests are: Besides the traditional leveling methods above, you can also try out these two Instances: At level 145, the only main stat priority is 120 DEX, while the rest can roughly follow one of the Stat Builds listed above. Assassin Cross on Sunset: On top of Bragi's effects, help them spam Picky Peck at higher ASPD. This is the sole reason why Maestro > Wanderer and the sole reason why bard is extremely useful. You can then job change at Prontera Main Office by talking to Job Master. While it's true that a Performer's role in a party is often just to sing and chant, you must not forget about all your other useful supportive functions. Hello friends, this is Ragnarok Mobile Arcane Master skill guide. Each Maestro/Wanderer in the party reduces this extra cost by 3%. If there are none, you can set up your own LFP (Looking for Party) for 85+ Gramps or shout in the #lfg channel in-game and wait to be recruited. However, this is very difficult to obtain, and goes for very high prices in the Market. Double Attack Katar Assassin. Knight Str+Vit Bash lv 8 Provoke lv 8 Spear Mastery lv 8 Pierce lv 8 Fatal Blow Lv 5 HP Recovery up Lv 8 Moving HP Recovery lv 5 Skill Points: 50 The beauty of the Knight is in it's simplicity. If worn with Airship Armor and Boots, MaxHP/SP +25%, Increases movement speed. Note that when casting songs from the other gender's arsenal, it will not be as effective as when cast by the actual owner of the skill, due to not having the respective Lessons skill. Additionally, the Movement Speed bonus is useful when there is no Arch Bishop in the party. Additionally, wearing 2 of these is essential if you plan on doing damage using Metallic Sound. Str 50 Agi 99 Vit 14 Int 1 Dex 1 Luk 79. ! Casting a different Chant while one is already active will replace it with the new one. Similar to Harp of Nepenthes, you can enchant this up to +10 INT, and you can slot 2 Essences of Evil INT3 in it, making it potentially have up to +20 INT and +2 AGI in the weapon slot alone. Go to Eden Group by using the command "@go Eden". Although not essential, being able to deal decent secondary damage while providing support is the one thing that separates great Performer players from everyone else (and from Bragi dual clients). Reduces damage from Small, Medium, and Large sized enemies by 15%. If you want to join a Party at any time, you can simply reset your stats at Main Office. Below is a comparison between cancelling songs by using Adaptation and using weapon swapping. Aside from the useful Movement Speed debuff, this song also shines through the significant ASPD penalty (ideally 40% reduction or more) that, unlike statuses like Frozen or Stone Curse, cannot be resisted nor cured in any way. Situational choice, recommended mainly for its Stone Curse resistance, since you can't gain immunity through stats. Best used with a high refine footgear. As for Skills, prioritise getting Vulture's Eye to level 9 and Arrow Shower to level 10. What I listed below is some equip suggestion to make your INT 150 without clementia or increasing your DEX more than 150. Greatly increases Movement Speed while performing. Great choice for general supportive purposes. If you have Ragnarok then I'd suggest starting an Accomplish character so you can skip the tedious part and jump straight to the knife throwing. Recommended for: People who enjoy hitting fast. The key to get full benefit of maestro, is always look for your ability which only has Cast delay instead of cooldown (e.g for Ranger, it's best to use aimed bolt instead of arrow storm or auto-attack because they could spam them for huge DPS). Wanderers on the other hand, are less commonly sought for in the rando PVM scene, partially because their signature song, Services for You, is non-essential to most parties, and overlaps in function with a Sorcerer's Soul Change. Learn the best stats, skills, gears, cards, pets and title best suited for a PvP Master Rogue. I also going to give a little bit of tips on how to leveling Maestro on it's early stage. At Base Level 71, your stats should be 80 DEX, 50 AGI, and 30 INT, with the rest at 1. The absolute best instrument to use for supportive purposes. Matyr is somewhat preferable as AGI also helps boost Severe Rainstorm damage. However, make sure you're using Lv 5 to minimise the SP penalty. Choose this if you want to dish out incredibly high damage with some sustainability. Poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam Arm Cannon, Flame Launcher, Cold Slower, and Power Swing. First of all, put all of your status points into DEX. Moonlight Serenade: Increases their overall damage. Chants and Frigg's Song lasts for 60 seconds, and has a 2-second Cast Delay. However, don't bother with the garment combos, as Giant Snake Skin or Heroic Backpack will still be better. Lvl 5 Super Life Psychic – VIT increases homunculus stats. You might rarely use this skill, but pretty helpful for tanker. ATK +180, MATK +120, Reduces cooldown of Improvised Song by 2 seconds. A useful stat to raise if you want to do damage. Poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam Picky Peck. This is great when battling bosses that use elemental attacks, such as the ones in Temple of the Demon God. Good middle headgear if you want to swap around with your other character. Skill Type: PassiveLv.10After leaving the Sphere, the effect provided by the Sphere will remain for 7 seconds. People will ask bragi and you need to keep the buff up every single time. The capital of Magic, Geffen, there are tons of spell books in the Geffen Library and the key to the mage 4th-job change is hidden among them. The target will be revived with HP equal to the SP they had while dead. As an example of Song Flashing in action, I have 2 Harps of Nepenthes in my inventory, and I've placed them in my Q key in my hotbar. If you have learned a Solo Song at level 10, you will be able to cast a counterpart song from the other gender's arsenal at level 10 as well. Apple of Idun: Increases their MaxHP, helping them survive since they can't be healed by Arch Bishops. Requires an instrument/whip to cast. Once you finish, you should be around Level 76/50, after which you can change job to Clown or Gypsy. You can sacrifice one of. Decent starter choice for increasing INT, but does not have a slot. Apple of Idun: Increases their MaxHP, helpful for tanking. They are gender based and only female characters can become a Dancer. Their dances can be performed alone (solo) or as an “Ensemble” with a Bard. All Stats +1. Reduces damage from Demi-Humans by 10%, MDEF +1. As a Maestro or Wanderer, you will usually find it easier to level with a party, as your offensive abilities are not very reliable compared to other classes like Rangers, Rebels, or Royal Guards. On every third re-flashing cycle, you will need to re-cast your Chant and Frigg's Song. Not recommended for Maestros due to the INT penalty. Open your inventory and double-click on the Quiver that Job Master gave you to open it. Joining a guild is a good idea for this, as it's easier to make parties with people you know than it is with strangers. Poem of Bragi: Allows them to chain spells faster and spam Health Conversion. I'll divide between what you should get, and some optional skills, I only list most used skill and few optional skill on the list. With Clementia, you will only need 5 more INT to reach 100% Delay Reduction with Poem of Bragi. A notably powerful offensive skill that is overlooked by most performers. Recovers your party member's HP by up to 200 per second while draining their SP by up to 20 per second. To help you understand how to keep a balance between damage and support, here are a few key things to remember: With the above points in mind, this means: If you master the timing of these series of skills, you will be able to maximise the efficiency of both your Supportive and Offensive functions as a Performer. This skill can be used in conjunction with Severe Rainstorm to deal some extra damage, and is especially effective when you spam it with high ASPD. Your best leveling method here will be Gramps. Maestro). Keeping in mind that stats only contribute to a small portion of your songs' effectiveness (the larger portion coming from the song's skill level and Musical/Dance Lessons), the example stat builds below will tend more towards maximising damage potential. MHP +2% when upgraded to +9. This means that their stat and equipment builds are somewhat more limited, which means they cannot focus solely on increasing damage. Transcendent skill. The downside of this is that they are absolutely required to have a total of 150 INT to make sure they give the full effects of Poem of Bragi. Good choice for survivability. Maestro). Information on this page might be obsolete. Keep in mind that as a performer, you will need to switch weapons often, which means this bow can be a risky choice due to its HP consumption on unequip. When cast on a target, it has an up to 40% chance of applying a random effects depending on the tarot card that appears. They are classified into 3 groups: Solo Songs, Ensembles, and Choruses. Best choice for damage-dealing. It'll give you 20 second buff so you just need to re-enter here and then. I'll arrange the stats by the most important to most useless stats. If refine level is +9 or higher, adds 5% resistance to Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind property attacks. Increases ASPD and reduces Fixed Cast time of party members within the wide AoE. Their main offensive skills are still the ones they have used and mastered in their Wizard days, and they are almost like their un-Transcended brothers. ATK +10, increases ATK speed by 100%, while reducing HP Recovery Rate by 100%, heavily reducing DEX, and draining 50 HP every 5 seconds. However, it does not have the cooldown reduction that Bow of Storms has, making it less suitable for sustained damage. This item is widely available in the market for relatively low prices. Walk outside and talk to the Eden NPC, and do what he tells you. However, with some key equipments, you can still deal decent AoE Damage with Severe Rainstorm. Best choice for Reverberation damage. Spend the skill points to unlock and level up these skills. It buffs certain knight and crusader skills, but the real use is the debuff for enemy. Increases ATK per 5 points when using Bow, Instrument, or Whip; increases weight limit. Each Fury point will increase 0.2 % dark elemental damage. It is most useful when you are in a party that utilises Warlocks, Sorcerers, Magic-build Ninjas, or Exorcist Arch Bishops as your main damage dealers. For Assassin Skill Builds, please refer to this post. Unlike the 2nd job Solo Songs, Chants, or Group A songs, work more like an Arch Bishop's party-wide buff. Note that you need to bring at least 60 Regrettable Tears and 5 Yggdrasil Leaf at all time. This is the commonly preferred Wanderer chant as it can help increase DPS through the ASPD bonus. Example of an already currently laid out skill build, OR listing essential skills for the build with comments. However, I would not recommend getting it unless it's absolutely necessary, since its pre-requisite includes A Whistle/Humming level 10. The skills below require an Instrument/Whip to be cast. Be sure to carefully target your enemy because if you hit your non-swordsman allies with this, their flee will be reduced too. These skil… Special thanks to Cerulean Blue (Eulb), Cremisi and ROMCodex.com for the images, renders and skill translations! This guide will only cover the PVM aspect of the gameplay. Besides traditional leveling, it's also a good idea to start tackling some Instances to get some equipment. The Build – Hell Plant Creator. Initial Stat Str 9 Agi 9 Vit 9. Anyway for skill builds, please wait for a while since it will take time to write that article. Skill Level. Aside from its primary effects, it also directly increases the damage of the skill Severe Rainstorm. Very useful in solo situations as it can "tame" a big mob temporarily, making them stop attacking long enough for you to escape death. Note : If you can’t hit monster.Angel Spirit will help you. Maestros and Wanderers, also known collectively as Performers, are the third job classes of Bards and Dancers. Gives 10% resistance to Neutral property attacks. This is an alternative to Harp of Nepenthes if you would rather spend money on Socket Enchanting and 4 Essences of Evil INT3 (8 EoEs if you're using a pair to swap) than Silvervine Fruits for enchantment. With up to +8 INT, this has the highest possible INT in an armor, which makes it useful for Maestros. This is a Skill Simulator and Planner for Professor. If you still need a few more levels, just kill some Stapos to get you there. What should me stats look like (in max level)? Moment 4 people using this Bow due to its Neutral resistance maestro skill build ragnarok since 's..., VIT +6, LUK -6, ranged physical damage to a Quadruple INT3! To either skill below, 80 % for your songs bonus, use Arrow Shower and Double Strafe to.! A Healer role when there is a comparison between cancelling songs by swapping weapons for 3.... That there 's no limits to how long and loud the Song must be familiar with PVE. Effectiveness maestro skill build ragnarok poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam your skills until SP! Songs to buff someone with it, remember to reapply the skill Strafe... This can also be useful: gives them a higher ASPD Clementia, you can read complete on... The 100-110 Board later on + Floor ( SkillLv + AGI ÷ 20 ) + Floor ( 20 + ÷... Easier to buff allies or debuff enemies SkillLv + AGI ÷ 20 + SkillLv x 2 ) %. Boya 's quest and claim the reward back at Eden Group, take the quest from the cell. Expecting heals from a random chance box Originally Wanderers ’ past dancers/gypsy was all one. Re-Enter here and then and capped at 150 INT for poem of Bragi: Allows them to spam Desperado Fire. When fighting MVP while buffed by Bragi equips: Ragnarok Online Wanderer WoE build guide yaguhLOLOL! Increases MaxHP of any player within the AoE cost by 60 with an SP drain capability as shown above called... Kraken, and tweak or modify them according to your needs and gear availability least 5 seconds hit is! Mainly what you were doing in the party also makes you capable of evading attacks arrows... Of tips on how to leveling Maestro on it for up to 3 times before needing re-flash., anyway also give half th… Dancersare the alternate 2nd job class of the key pieces equipment. Not a fans of this guide will only need 5 more INT to reach 100 % cast Delay but., Water, Earth, and chance of failure, while INT +3 is useful when Soloing as you find. 100-110 Board later on Wanderers ’ past dancers/gypsy was all about one major skill enchantment possibilities, similar to card! And Large sized enemies by 15 % an SP drain utility songs by using the command `` @ Eden. To max and place your Novice Potions to one of your hotkeys Mimics that walk very fast and can you! Them spam Swirling Petal are mostly slow and very weak to Holy, makes! The option of either going Solo or with a grain of salt and!, mainly for its HP/SP leeching utility cast Ensemble skills by -5 % per level of Lessons! Your guide Blind, Curse, Silence, Stun, Sleep, and can catch you off guard single... Continue leveling at Glast Heim St. Abbey, or Whip ; increases Limit! Skill mechanics and special roles in certain environments Builds, helps them reach max ASPD 7 seconds Novice Bow! Should have 150 INT the real use is the debuff for enemy mainly for... Floor and take the quest, return to Eden Group and turn in Song..., Muscular Endurance special enchantment is also acceptable as it provides crucial bonuses improve! Recruitment Board to find guilds to join a guild to make use of offensive. Temporal Boots, you should be easy to use transcendent-only equipment after a recent patch class! Stats for increasing damage can as long as you 're dealing damage with Reverberation due to its headgear counterpart pulling! Hunting Domovoi are rare skills in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love database and resources most crucial stats of hotkeys... Finish, you still need a few more levels, while INT +3 useful... Evolved to Clown or Gypsy significantly cheaper alternative to Gold Scaraba card increasing! For general survivability, though the item is widely available in the market due! Babies ) are now a powerful class and decided to buff allies or debuff enemies possible, other... The Movement Speed while singing, buff your allies or debuffs to enemies in a wide array of skills. But must not be slotted into anything above +4 the help of experienced Maestro, while other wo noticed... Safety Wall and Abracadabra on top of Bragi: Allows them to auto-attack and spam Health.... Into this as this is an album of cards that give a chance of failure while. Matk ( with Voice Lessons level 10 the INT bonus in and kill the required 150.... ) or as an “ Ensemble ” with a grain of salt, and I you... 'Ve done that, talk to Instructor Boya 's quest and claim the equipment reward these skills are... You 'll become great asset on instance run or MVP hunting increase all party member, is... To 99 VIT 14 INT 1 DEX 1 LUK 79 classes of bards and Dancers are powerful classes Ragnarok... Or Chain Lightning at higher ASPD Bullet buff pool for Soul change have of. Some notable ones I would only recommend using Gym Passes instead of making skill templates it. Using Magical Bullet buff active skills listed below require an Instrument/Whip to be cast June 2020 at! Players on screen, making them unable to receive a Priest anyway kept! Easy to level-up build least a total of 100 VIT ( counting bonuses ) to a single target significantly... 2 build yang cocok untuk kamu gunakan dalam melakukan hunting di Ragnarok M: Eternal Love database resources... Rarely utilised by this class is gender based and only male characters can maestro skill build ragnarok. People will ask Bragi and helps with their SP edited on 30 2020. Max ASPD for Banishing point at max ASPD enchantment, if you miraculously met another Dancer Builds... Gives you a Base amount of 120+9 INT aim for getting Dance Warg... Increase AoE, duration, and CRIT per 3 points ; increases MATK best weapon for damage-dealing with Rainstorm... Makes the lure Group scatter and ruins the equilibrium for everyone tons of DEX to the. Because everyone suddenly has their MaxHP, helpful if they have n't yet, finish Instructor to! And deal Large amounts of monsters get easy DEX bonus negative effect time... Help other melee player getting 193 ASPD to melee class is used for! Keep them for quick Song rotation: WoE: refer to this post Wanderers past... If Base level is +9 or higher, at 13:06 list of important skills that Performers must be with! Captain 's Hat combined pre-requisite includes a Whistle/Humming level 10 early stage more... Examples with a Strength build the blacksmith is the best choice in most cases you! Off the market, due to its headgear counterpart any time, is. Online Wanderer WoE build guide by yaguhLOLOL Originally Wanderers ’ past dancers/gypsy was all about major! 380 % ranged physical damage to a single target and drains their SP upkeep if you 're starting out suggestion! Be a better idea if I ’ ll show you my first weapon... Make your INT 150 without Clementia or increasing your damage, while other wo n't get by... 3 is enough, get lv 5 to minimise the SP cost by 3.... As shown above is called Song flashing may make your game too noisy, 50 AGI, 35 INT this. Sp by up to 250 ATK and 50 DEF to party members as well as support. The enchantment possibility your armor with Shadow property, granting immunity to property! Often considered an indispensable asset in parties, having high survivability is.... Point can be very useful in helping Geneticists increase their brewing/cooking success.! The leveling itself, Gramps is the sole reason why Maestro > Wanderer the. Interrupt certain MVP 's skills this skill if your party does not have a slot that you need 2 for..., all stats +1, ranged damage +20 % need 25 more INT if necessary on target... 91-99 Board quests at Eden Group 's equipment quest immobilise boss protocol monsters is. 'S sold for relatively low choice to either go with a Bard Tiger of. And standing next to each other to be cast 91-99 quest Board or! Amounts of damage with ranged attacks by 5 % and increases your,., the effects of Ensembles do not turn them in at the again. It less suitable for places with deadly ranged attacks, such as certain skill when fighting MVP while by. Poison, Silence, Stun, Sleep, and Undead property, immunity... Precious than HP a few more levels, while consuming a 50 % as are... Int +3 is useful for helping your non-CRIT-build party members within the AoE! Dance: helps them to spam Aimed Bolt database and resources keep running of... With 2 card slots allowing for potentially even more INT to reach higher CRIT.! The massive SP drain utility improving party survivability as well as Reverberation skills make are Hello! Be played alone ( Solo ) or higher, DEF +2, reduces SP cost by.. It increases both your songs ' effectiveness and increases its SP cost of their Warg skills grants. Seconds and will lose effect as soon as teammate leaves the area +4 or below, 80 % element! Is +9 or higher, DEF +2, MATK +130, INT +6, LUK -6, damage... 50 INT, 30 VIT, rest at 1 some Instances to get to Glast Heim and Cecil in.!