I, personally think Canada is better than U.S. (I live/born in U.S.). Citizenship allows you to participate fully in shaping Canada’s future. If you find that there is a claim, please follow the steps below to complete your application for proof of citizenship… Consular Protection If you keep your former nationality, the Embassy of your home country will no longer be able to intervene on your behalf with the New Zealand authorities (since they can't get you out of jail anyway, this is a limited benefit). Canadian citizenship – the right to be a candidate in federal, provincial and territorial elections. Canada has free healthcare to all its citizens. Here are the five major benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen: Participation in nation-building. In truth, dual citizenship is a means for further empowerment. UK-Specific instructions for submitting a proof of Canadian citizenship application. I am a citizen of the UK and I have a British Passport and was wanting to know the visa with Canada. Australian, Canadian and American citizens do not lose citizenship upon becoming New Zealanders. Canadian citizenship gives you the right to run for elected office in Canada. Canadian citizenship – preference for jobs in the federal government. First, you get voting rights. By law you have the same rights as a Canadian as a British citizen in the UK. Fact under British law, a Canadian is considered a British Subject in the UK. Bureaucracy You no longer have to obtain a Permanent_Resident_Card-Canada … It can only add to what a naturalized Canadian citizen already enjoys, and cannot take away anything in terms of benefits, rights and … As a citizen… As such, you don't need British citizenship to have rights of a citizen in the UK. They know call it commonwealth citizen. Citizenship holders also have the following benefits and obligations: Politics Citizens can vote in federal, provincial and municipal elections, run for office and become involved in political … As the UK and Canada are both part of the commonwealth, can you come with a British … The citizenship of a naturalised Canadian citizen cannot be revoked for any crime committed after becoming a citizen. You can even vote if you live in the UK as a Canadian. Please visit the following link to verify that you have a claim to Canadian Citizenship: Am I Canadian? If I used my UK passport I’d need to obtain an ESTA (if flying in), and would be limited to a 90 day stay. I’m a dual citizen (Canadian, and UK), and I always use my Canadian passport when traveling to the States. In any circumstances, if one goes unemployed, the social security benefit supports the affected Canadian Permanent Residents and Citizenship. Canada has less racism than U.S., because they don’t have all the horrible history that the U.S. … Regarding reciprocal fees, it is a HUGE advantage using my UK … As one grows older, Canadian government ensures peace of mind by offering retirement and pension benefits … Most federal government jobs require the applicant to have Canadian citizenship.