The Best PSO2 Builds by Odealo . Performs the listed PA if you successfully just guard an attack. 1. There are two ring slots, one for L rings and one for R rings. There are a lot of rings out there that you can look up or read if you want. The ideal weapon for this build would be the Koukomaru which is crafted to allow for fighter to equip it. this build here is what most hunter sub are running. Katana Braver/Hunter DPS build for PSO2. A nice insurance policy in case you get hit by a stray attack. Most L rings are more class oriented, so I will list the general ones and then divide this by class. Even with Bow and building Ratk, go Br/Hu for either build. There are two ring slots, one for L rings and one for R rings. Introduction. I will lose the juicy s-atk bonus on the bouncer when I get oneshotted, but thats only when that happens anyways. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. edit: i just checked the JP builds. The simulator has been updated, but when I open it the simulator seems to be buggy or outdated. Many of these give you skills from other classes. Cannot be equipped by Fighter. Recommended Rifle PAs End Attraction Shoot an energy ball that passes through enemies. Discuss news, strategies and information relating to Sega's *Phantasy Star Online 2*! mobbing was a little painful as bow and the skill ceiling is very high in bossing. Detonates Phantom Marker on the area currently locked onto instead of where you hit. It’s a little finnicky and only sees real usage in some niche builds that focus on normal attacking. Get this for more damage. The traps really help with fast PP regeneration. Useful, but not game changing. This lets you use Massive Hunter, an active skill that gives you super armor for a period of time. this has 6 points left which cvould give me 5 points in Fury Critical and the last point in iron will for that lucky 30% to survive. So, I started as Braver and am now lvl 24. Gives you an active ability that jumps up. I know a lot people have trouble getting started or don’t even know how to play a class. Source Last updated: April 8th, 2020 Disclaimer: The information and suggestions this guide provides should not be blindly followed. I would recommend doing a balanced build of 3 points into critical of each stance and 5 into each charge skill. At level 20, this will occur 100% of the time. they dont even get the crit passives on the katana build. PSO2 Builds Guide by UnLucky. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. High Time Keep lets you keep the damage bonus from High Time even if your damaged, up to 20% of your HP. Introduction. However, I would like some advice on some popular Braver builds that focus on Bows and what I should be looking to … These vary from active skills, buffs, to even modifying existing abilities. mag you want to build around 150-160 r-atk and 40-50 dex if you're starting out, or you can go raw r-atk. While old affixing methods still apply, a lot of shortcuts have been added. Weak Stance=Precision StanceThis is by no means a full Braver guide, but more of an introduction to the class. With your first mag done correctly, other classes may benefit from it. Yay? I believe it already has maximum effectiveness at level 1. To craft rings, you have to gather the right rock/mineral and then craft it from the ring NPC in Franka’s Cafe. Decreases the startup of your A.I.S. Definitely get this, since it greatly increases your mobility. It also makes mobbing using the Another S Roll Arts Mode a lot easier. Tech C Parrying gives you frontal (I think only frontal, double check me on this) guard frames as you begin charging a Technique. For sword, it decreases the decay rate. The best sub-classes for Braver are Hunter and Ranger, though Fighter is suitable too. I've found both classes enjoyable. And the difference in braver skills between a Br/Hu and Br/Ra is minimal too, so until a certain point I still have the option to go full bow build on my main. Ring grinding works a little differently. This ring increases the “number” of hits each hit counts as. In certain situations where you can be easily knocked out of long PAs or charging PAs, this might be helpful. However, skill conditions can make it tricky to use. Increases the power and activation chance of your mag’s auto attack. A big chunk of Ranger’s skills increase damage to only weak points. Gunner is a very aggressive Ranged Class (think Fighter with firearms) that is very fun to play, extremely dynamic and engaging, but also hard to master. Everyone should feel like their input has as much weight as any other's. Keep in mind that combined rings start off at level 1 but have the same effectiveness as the uncombined level 20 rings, so there isn’t really a point to grinding them. Guide notes: May 29, 2020-Build created . As for Bo/Ra… nope doesn’t work. L/DB Snatch and L/JB Tech Arts SC (can be combined). For katanas, Fighter is the better option since it can maximize melee attacks. now lets compare the main braver skill trees (same two links from above). I really dont get why its build that waay? L/TD Air Chase, L/DS Kaimatachi, L/Knuckle Chase (can be combined). If i dont go br/hu and go br/ra, i can have three full builds, fo/te, br/ra and bo/hu with no complications, but i dont know if i should just ditch katana. Decreases the amount of gear consumed by up to 50% at level 20. I noticed bow weapons have higher DPS. Average Stance=Basic Stance. 18 4. If you plan on using Red weapons for … It sounds like a bad thing, but regular mirage step is too long for most content. Extends the amount of time talis stay floating. 04/26/2020 Recommended NA Weapons Added a video on why Elder Rifle is good for PSO2 NA… Changes your wand’s element based on the last charged Technique (minus the support and field ones). Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. That leaves Braver and Fighter which I do play and I guess there’s no good guides out there. Make a DEX if you play : Braver (With both Bow and Katana)/Bouncer. Now I wanted to play a ranged char and started with the bow on my second char, but in the end I opted for Ranger because its easier to play for newbies. wouldnt those be better put into flash guard? Lets you match elemental weaknesses of whatever you are whacking. DS Kaimatachi creates a tornado around you when you use a double saber PA according to your current gear gauge level. If you have any doubts, make sure to ask for second opinions before finalizing choices. Partizan and wired lance get more out of this ring because you can spend more time using PAs that consume your gear gauge rather than maintaining gear. A weak bullet followed by a well timed satellite canon just does so much damage. Nice free damage. Once Scions come out both Phantom and Etoile make good sub classes for Ranger as well. Shooting Drive, illustrated by mamuru. Kind of niche. At level 20 you get a 1% power increase, 10% critical chance increase, and 3% damage reduction. At level 20 you get up to 0.6 seconds. Useful if you are a talis main because you won’t have to throw as many talis out. Ranger skills only work with shooting attacks. For dual blades. If you ever got sick of jetboots switching back to its default element when you use the regular weapon action, you can now turn it off so nothing happens besides the dodge. so many points left over and why the uselss spending in some parts? the katana build benefits from the crit passives. It makes the multipliers competitive with the ones from Ranger’s Weak Hit Advance. next time, use the braver thread for more information, altrought is more focused to katana since bow braver there not much to discuss the best subclass is ranger for damage but will force you on aiming weak spots (and can be a pain when you fight bosses who hidde their weak spots until you break some parts, like the boss on quarry exploration, blu rindagga). ... PSO2, Guide, Mag Levelling. The Chase rings let you travel towards an enemy when you are locked on and perform a regular attack in the air (for twin daggers) or on the ground (for knuckles) respectively. But there are other classes you can sub with. L/Front S Roll and L/High Time Keep (can be combined). Usually, it would be with a Fighter, Hunter, or Braver subclass. My main is a force/techter, planning to make a tech mag (not yet done). Make a Striking/MEL if you play : Hunter/Fighter/Katana Braver. Does that justify it being more "powerful"? On larger enemies, you can hit multiple times. This gives you the option of using only half your gear for a Full Connect because you can skip the Connect. i know that stacking satk vs stacking ratk on gear will make a difference in both builds, if i ever reach endgame (im a newbie), lets take a look at the builds proposed by the some players for the community (source). In other words, at level 20, each hit will count as two hits, letting you reach the max damage of Katana Combat’s finish much easier. 1. with a pure katana build i got enough points for the crit passives and (imho) points into striking up 1 (just reversal cover has to suck, right?). That’s the idea behind this build. You can't move while charging. I've jumped back into PSO2 and wanted to originally play Bouncer, bought a DEX mag since I was planning on going for a Bouncer/Phantom character , but Bouncer wasn't really for me so I've decided to play Braver/Hunter for the time being. If i used a bow hybrid build it would be the same as the katana hybrid build, minus 4 points in combat finish and 2 more in RapidShoot up and charge shoot. im losing dmg potential in both cases, ESPECIALLY later in the lvl 90 range. The forward roll is a lot more fluid than the side and backwards rolls. Have your say! To grind a ring, you first have to equip your ring and then gain experience points like normal. What build has a higher ceiling? It trivializes a lot of boss encounters. They’re a nice way to fill up any of your empty L ring slots. the katana build benefits from the crit passives. Only certain rings listed in the shop can be combined. If your subclass will be Braver, Bouncer or the Phantom class once/if it comes out, see the part of the guide for them. You can do this from Dudu/Monica in the Shopping Area. These vary from active skills, buffs, to even modifying existing abilities. An issue with launcher’s PAs being so explosive is that it can be hard to get the weak points sometimes. Standing Snipe gives you extra bonus damage too while you set up your burst.